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Anti-abortion flyers found in breach of South Australia electoral laws



Anti-abortion campaigners say they have been ordered by the Electoral Commission of South Australia (ECSA) to stop letterboxing flyers and driving a mobile billboard around Adelaide.

The ECSA's decision comes ahead of Saturday's by-election in Cheltenham and Enfield.

It follows legislation being introduced to Parliament late last year to remove abortion from the state's crimes act.

South Australian Greens MP Tammy Franks told the ABC that she had lodged a complaint over the campaign, which compared her party's position on abortion to its stance on live export.

"...Ms Franks leads the charge, with her Abortion Reform Bill, that dehumanises and ends the lives of unborn babies — of any age, by methods far more 'cruel' and 'inhumane' than the Live Export Industry uses," the anonymous flyer reads.

The flyers also contain a photo of Ms Franks with a sign behind her with the word "killers".

"Mark Parnell and myself have taken this up because we have a by-election at the moment in Cheltenham and Enfield and under state electoral laws, we have some rules — you can't make things up, and you can't put things out that are unauthorised if they are designed deliberately to impact the electoral process," Ms Franks said.

"Nobody knew who to complain to about the materials themselves and that's why they were contacting my office to let me know."