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North Korean Defector Describes Forced Abortion

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley held a meeting on the human rights situation in North Korea where one defector spoke about how she was forced to have an abortion following her repatriation from China. The woman, Ji Hyeon-A, describes a harrowing scene of prison dogs eating dead bodies at her prison camp. She pleaded for the world to act. The event was titled “The Terrifying experience of forcibly Repatriated North Korean women,” and was sponsored by the ...


The inquiry has been held, and the Irish Times’ infamous ‘first Irish abortion’ story has been shown to be totally and utterly false. Journalist Paul Cullen and his employers at the national broadsheet have disgraced themselves, once again, by their decision to splash a piece of pro-abortion propaganda across the front pages in a cynical attempt to exalt Fine Gael’s abortion legislation – only for that propaganda to be exposed as a lame piece of fiction in less than 24 hours. Cullen, who together with Kitty ...

‘Hercules’ actor Kevin Sorbo is unashamedly pro-life

As one of the boldest pro-life voices in Hollywood, actor Kevin Sorbo is not afraid to speak out against abortion. Sorbo, known primarily for his role as the title character in “Hercules” and as Captain Dylan Hunt in “Andromeda,” has been a longtime pro-life advocate and speaker. Sorbo, who also starred as the atheist philosophy professor opposite Christian student Josh Wheaton, played by Shane Harper, in the film “God’s Not Dead,” just released his latest film “Let There Be Light.” After ...

Denmark Eliminates Down Syndrome Except 4 Babies

Just four babies diagnosed with Down syndrome in the womb were born in Denmark in 2016.   Yet, government officials in the European nation claim they are not trying to eradicate unborn babies with Down syndrome or other disabilities.   Danish Ambassador to Ireland Carsten Søndergaard defended his country’s abortion laws in a letter to the Oireachtas committee that is debating the legalization of abortion in Ireland, the Irish Times reports.   Søndergaard responded to a pro-life advocate who told the committee ...

Abortion Activist Punches 15 Year Old Girl

A Virginia teenage pro-life advocate was punched in the face and knocked to the ground Saturday morning outside a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Roanoke.   The attack is the latest indication of growing hostility toward pro-life advocates across the country. The victim of the violent attack was Purity Thomas, a 15-year-old student leader of Students for Life of America. SFLA President Kristan Hawkins said police are investigating. “This act of violence against a group of peaceful pro-life students ...

Football Star Refuses To Abort Anencephaly Twin

Australian football star Gary Rohan and his wife Amie have spoken out about their reaction when they found out that one of their unborn twins has anencephaly, and is not expected to survive after birth. The Sydney Swans star announced their pregnancy on Instagram, sharing a beautiful photo of Mrs Rohan cradling her baby bump, with the caption: “Amie and I are over the moon to share with you all that we have been blessed twice over.” A heartbreaking diagnosis “Sadly, one of our ...

$12 Million For Wrongful Birth

Another mother recently won a huge lawsuit after arguing that she would have aborted her unborn son if she had known he had special needs before birth. A British judge awarded Omodele Meadows £9 million (about $12 million) for the “wrongful birth” of her son, Adejuwon, who has autism and a severe form of hemophilia, the Metro reports.   Meadows argued that she loves her son, but she would have had him aborted if her doctors had done their jobs and informed her ...

Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts Without Permission

A whistle-blower who worked with Planned Parenthood to harvest aborted baby body parts said some later-term unborn babies’ organs were harvested without their mothers’ consent. “It’s stealing, it’s stealing baby parts,” said former StemExpress employee Holly O’Donnell in a new video by the Center for Medical Progress. O’Donnell is a California phlebotomist who worked inside some of the biggest Planned Parenthood surgical abortion centers in northern California drawing blood and dissecting organs from aborted babies, which the company then sold to researchers across the ...

Miracle Baby Survives Miscarriage and Abortion

Doctors told Michelle Hui that she had miscarried her unborn baby about six weeks into her pregnancy. Hui had experienced severe abdominal pain on her way to work one day and then began to bleed – both common signs of a miscarriage, The Weekly Observer reports. Everyone, including doctors, thought she had lost the baby. But nearly two weeks later, doctors confirmed that she still was pregnant. The Irish mother and her husband, Ross, now have an 18-month ...


Since we're in the 21st century you would have thought it's cool to be open. You know, talk about things. Discuss. Engage. Quite evidently, some don't think so. Particularly when it's a hot topic not to their liking. "To hell with truth!" they yell.  Actually, they don't say it outright, but craftily sly-ball it away. Buzzfeed is a classic case.    While Buzzfeed's news articles are more often fake than not, we also see lazy journalism or an aversion to the truth. Especially when it's something ...

Brazil: Topless Feminists Want Abortion On Demand

Thousands of abortion activists protested Monday in the streets of Brazil, just days after a legislative committee voted to make abortions illegal in all cases. With some carrying children in their arms, the pro-abortion protesters chanted, “Our bodies are ours!” and demanded to be allowed to abort their unborn babies, the AP reports. Protests were held in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Protesters became violent outside the state legislature in Rio, prompting police to fire tear gas into the crowd; but ...

Satanist Sues to Overturn Pro-Life Abortion Law

A Missouri satanist who had an abortion is suing the state to strike down a Missouri law making her wait. In response, the Thomas More Society has filed an amici curiae (“friends of the court”) brief with the Missouri Supreme Court on behalf of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists and Missouri Right to Life, supporting the Missouri law and the science behind it. Missouri law mandates a 72-hour waiting period prior to having an abortion. The woman, an adherent of the so-called “Satanic ...

Forcing Pro-life Centers To Advertise Abortion

November 13, 2017 ( LifeSiteNews ) -- The U.S. Supreme Court today decided to hear a pro-life challenge against a California law that forces pro-life centers, such as pregnancy medical clinics, to advertise abortion. The decision marks the first time the country's highest court will hear an abortion-related case during the Trump administration. Pro-life advocates who have opposed the law, including The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA), praised the Supreme Court for deciding to hear what it called a “critical free ...

WHITE RIBBON AUSTRALIA: The “not-all-females-are-equal” organisation

Human Rights organisation, All Lives Equal, accuses White Ribbon Australia of blatant hypocrisy of the worst kind. The heavily tax payer funded White Ribbon Australia wants to “end men’s violence against women and girls”, but at the same time supports legalising the brutal and violent killing of babies in the womb (known as ‘abortion’), any time, for virtually any reason during pregnancy – of which 50% are female. https://www.whiteribbon.org.au/2017/02/23/womens-reproductive-rights-white-ribbon-australia-position-statement/ Yet this is what White Ribbon Australia supports when it states ...

Texas Clinic: Dismembering Unborn-Baby While Heart Beating

A closely-watched abortion trial concluded Wednesday in Texas with the abortion industry arguing that they should be allowed to continue dismembering living, second-trimester unborn babies while their hearts still are beating. Earlier this year, the abortion chains Whole Woman’s Health and Planned Parenthood, along with other pro-abortion groups, challenged Senate Bill 8, which prohibits dismemberment abortions, a method typically used in the second trimester to kill nearly fully-formed, living unborn babies. It is a barbaric and dangerous procedure in which the unborn baby is ripped ...

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