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WATCH: Kavanaugh Slams Bogus Sexual Assault Claims

Last night, Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his wife sat down with Fox News for an interview about the bogus sexual assault claims from two women, both of which have no evidence and no witnesses and have been refuted by those who know the Supreme Court nominee the best.   Kavanaugh, and his wife, Ashley, interviewed with Fox New Channel’s Martha MacCallum and Kavanaugh maintained his innocence and called for an opportunity to have his name and integrity cleared.   “I never sexually assaulted anyone, ...

Judge Kavanaugh and Wife Receive Death Threats

Sadly, since coming forward with accusations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and her family have received numerous death threats. Also during that time, Kavanaugh and his family have also received horrific treatment. Despite the seriousness all around, ABC’s World News Tonight sided with Ford on Thursday by choosing to only report the threats to her and threw those against Kavanaugh in the trash.   “Dr. Christine Blasey Ford longer holding out for an FBI investigation into her ...

Thousands Pro-Lifers March Against Legalizing Abortion

Pro-life advocates in Latin America have been rallying strong against international pressure to legalize abortion on demand. On Sunday in the Dominican Republic, pro-lifers flooded the streets of the capital to protest a bill that would legalize the killing of unborn babies in their country, the Catholic News Agency reports. Unborn babies currently are protected under the law in the Caribbean country. But if the legislation passes, it would allow unborn babies to be aborted in cases of rape, incest and fetal ...

Canada: 766 Aborted Babies Born-Alive And Left-to-Die

According to new data, livebirth late-term abortions are still happening in Canada. And the numbers are way too high.   According to CIHI, There were 766 late-term livebirth abortions in a five year period from 2013/2014 to 2017/2018. These numbers are even higher since they exclude Quebec.   There has been much speculation about the reasons for these late-term livebirth abortions but we have no hard data on why they happen since the reasons or circumstances aren’t published with the data.   ...

Pro-Abortion Justice Ginsburg: Supreme Court 5 More-Years

Liberal U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has no plans to retire any time soon. A reliable supporter of abortion on demand, Ginsburg is 85 years old. But during a public appearance Sunday, she told CNN she plans to stay on the court until she is 90. “I’m now 85,” Ginsburg said. “My senior colleague, Justice John Paul Stevens, he stepped down when he was 90, so think I have about at least five more years.” The Washington Examiner ...

United States Poll: 58% Want Abortion Overturned

A new poll released today by Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) finds that, of those with an opinion, 58 percent of Americans want to see abortion policy decided by the people through their elected representatives rather than by the Supreme Court (22 percent were unsure, 45 percent said their elected officials, 33 percent said Supreme Court).   This position is even stronger among voters in 2018 battleground states whose senators have a key stake in the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the ...

CNN, MSNBC Falsely Claim-Americans-Support Roe v Wade

Over the past couple of days, CNN has repeatedly cited a Kaiser Family Foundation poll which claims that 67 percent of Americans support the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision which limits the government’s ability to restrict abortion.   But other polling casts serious doubt on whether most of the public actually supports the specifics of Roe, as the Barna Group last year found that almost 70 percent of Americans would support a heartbeat law which bans abortion after an unborn baby’s heartbeat can be detected. ...

Trump Defunds Planned Parenthood, Cut $60 Million

The Trump administration is announcing new regulations today to partially defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses of tens of millions of tax dollars. This is the second time Trump has taken steps to revoke taxpayer funding for the nation’s biggest abortion business — after yanking taxpayer from from International Planned Parenthood during his first week in office.   The United States spends about $260 million in Title X funds annually for family planning for low-income individuals, and Planned Parenthood is a huge recipient of those ...


There is an exhibition which opened in Sydney’s Moore Park’s Byron Kennedy Hall on the 14th April, named ‘Real Bodies: The Exhibition’. The exhibition contains 20 human bodies and around 200 body parts, which have gone through a process called ‘plastination’ to preserve them indefinitely. However, while Dalian Medical University Biology Plantation in China, who supplied the corpses and body parts for the exhibition, insist the entire thing is above board, we should be asking the obvious, “Well, verify it then.” Yet this ...

Zuckerberg Knows Facebook Shouldn’t Censor Pro-Life Views

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress yesterday and said that Facebook shouldn’t censor pro-life views. However the social media giant is censoring them anyway. LifeNews.com has seen repeated attempts to censor our pro-life message or the pro-life messages of other organizations. We have had problems with certain posts being blocked on Facebook, and Facebook has denied LifeNews the ability to promote certain posts with content that it deems unacceptable. But in an exchange with pro-life Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse ...

200 Schools Organize Pro-Life Walkout

High school students across the country have organized walk outs to draw attention to horrible shootings that have taken place at schools nationwide. Now, inspired by pro-life students in Sacramento California who are organizing a walk out to draw attention to another horrific form of violence, abortions that kill unborn babies, students at over 200 schools are participating.   More than 200 different high school and college or university campuses are preparing to participate in the #ProLifeWalkout — according to information Students for Life provided to ...

Cecile Richards Encourages People to Adopt Dogs

Believe it or not, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards is a huge believer in adoption. For dogs. Yesterday, before heading out on a national book tour, the boss of America’s richest abortion business decided to act out the title of her new memoir: Make Trouble. In a Twitter post that struck most people as either incredibly insensitive or shockingly unaware, Richards took a moment to pitch what her organization usually doesn’t: compassion.   Above a picture of her dachshund, Richards encourages people to #AdoptDontShop. Of course, the idea ...

Governor Signs Bill Banning Abortions After 15-Weeks

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant today signed a bill to protect unborn babies and moms from abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Bryant hopes to make his state “the safest place in America” for unborn babies by supporting a bill to ban abortions after 15 weeks. State House Bill 1510, signed into law, would create the earliest ban on abortion in any state in the U.S. by pushing back Mississippi’s current limit by 5 weeks. The bill would prohibit abortions after 15 weeks except when there ...

Abortionist Cuts Babies’ Cords So They Can’t-Scream

Abortionist Leah Torres deleted her brutally honest tweet about killing unborn babies this week after it resulted in a lot of bad publicity for the abortion industry. Torres, a Utah abortionist who is active on Twitter, posted the original tweet Sunday in response to someone criticizing her work. When the person asked if Torres hears the screams of the babies who she aborts, she replied: “You know fetuses can’t scream, right? I transect the cord 1st so there’s really ...

Record-Breaking 100,000 Crowd Against Abortion in Ireland

Save the 8th has said that its campaign is “energised and motivated ” by the huge attendance at today’s Rally for Life in Dublin, which saw up to 100,000 people take to the streets to reject the Government’s plan for a UK-style abortion regime in Ireland. Niamh Uí Bhriain of Save the 8th said that the crowds who thronged Dublin city centre showed that the government’s abortion proposal had woken a sleeping giant and that the campaign now expected a surge in volunteers to work ...

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