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Myth: It's Just A Blob

Thousands of women and men every year in our nation try to convince themselves that their unborn babies are just a blob of tissue at the time of their abortions. Some claim no regrets, while others face immediate emotional or physical issues. Then there are those who are shocked and remorseful when they later learn of the incredible physical, mental and sensory capabilities of their unborn babies. Most wish they had been shown an ultrasound or seen a picture of how developed their babies were.


Indeed, if the unborn child is simply a “blob of tissue”, then why even bother to take these people seriously? After all, the pro-abortion camp is intent on persuading us that abortion is no different than having your tonsils out or clipping your nails.


Yet here’s the catch, deep in our souls we know abortion is morally wrong. As Blaise Pascal commented, “We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also by the heart”.


Whilst it is clearly apparent every single field of medical science – whether genetics, embryology, foetology, obstetrics, and so forth – unanimously agree that the unborn child is a separate, unique, living human being, there is also a rising tide of post-abortion suffers speaking out against abortion.


There is a growing awareness that every unborn child surgically aborted is already starting to look like, or is already, a small-scale baby. In addition to this, we are discovering this little person is capable of extraordinary physical, mental and sensory feats well before birth and well before previously thought possible.   


See both picture and table below.



Unborn baby, 10 weeks conception
Photo by drsuparna CC-BY-SA 2.0 1

NOTE: From 8 to 20 weeks the baby is measured from crown to rump, and from 20 weeks the infant is measured from crown to heel. 

Conceptional age is the true infant/fetal age. For the difference between conceptional age and gestational age see reference note. 





But despite the mountain of evidence , those in favour of abortion are determined to cling to the indefensible. As social commentator Bill Muehlenberg commented:

“Sure, we need to help women in this and any other situation in life, but killing a baby is helping no one. …


“Just as those who make money off of clubbing baby seals to death do not want gory, graphic images of their work splashed all over the world, so too the abortion industry desperately does not want the truth of what they are doing made public.


“They certainly do not want their dirty little trade secrets advertised to the women who are paying big bucks to avail themselves of these services. That is why the pro-death camp has always fought full disclosure, and has always hyperventilated about the new technologies which show us what the unborn baby is like, and how he or she fares with these barbaric procedures. …


“An unborn baby is as much a member of the human race as any other person. And it is exactly because they cannot defend themselves and are at the mercy of others, that they should have the full protection of the law. The mother’s womb should be the safest place on earth for the unborn baby. Instead it has become a slaughter house.


“One can see why the pro-abortion camp is so bent out of shape about all this. The world is beginning to see just what an unborn baby really is, and that is causing some radical re-thinking of the issue. This was true when people got to know blacks, and realised they are also human beings deserving of full equal rights, and should not be enslaved and treated as second class citizens.


“Whites used to regard blacks as mere property to be treated without any dignity and respect. The unborn are today’s black, who are considered to be the mere property of adults. The new colour 3-D ultrasounds and other technologies are stripping away these lies.


“And the pro-abortion camp can’t stand it. That is why their ravings become ever more irrational and disjointed. Eventually the real world catches up to their twisted logic and barren rhetoric. Just as when slavery was coming to an end and the slave-owners became ever more desperate and extreme, so too here.


“It seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel for the unborn. The lies of the pro-death camp just do not wash any more. Therefore expect to see more gasps of pro-abortion hysteria as the tide further begins to turn.” 9

Below is further evidence that the unborn child is not ‘just a blob of tissue’ (See also site’s Human Too)



The Australian , October 11th 2010, page 8




"Pictures of a fetus appearing to give a 'sunny' smile at just 17 weeks have been captured by a doctor.


[NOTE: Whilst picture says "17 weeks", this refers to age from LMP - Last Menstrual Period - which is 2 weeks early than conception age. Age of child is 15 weeks from conception. See Reference 8below.]


"The images, taken using revolutionary 3D and 4D scanning equipment, reveal the fetus smiling at least five weeks earlier than previously observed.


"Stuart Campbell, who took the pictures, said: “This is a joyful expression of the humanity of the fetus. I have seen a fetus making a crying face at around 18 or 19 weeks, but not a nice smile. This is the earliest on record. It is just a delight.”

The pictures are likely to provoke debate about whether the pictures show a real smile and, if so, what that reveals about the developing fetus.


"Professor Campbell, the former head of the departments of obstetrics and gynaecology at King’s College and St George’s hospitals in London, said the smile was at least a sign that fetuses can show “human characteristics” as early as 17 weeks."


Read more > HERE


For a comprehensive examination of the physical and sensory capabilities of the child in the womb, including size, weight and 4D images, and more, see Endowment of Human Development (EHD)





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* “Researchers in Belfast have demonstrated that reactive listening begins at 16 weeks g.a., two months sooner than other types of measurements indicated. Working with 400 fetuses, researchers in Belfast beamed a pure pulse sound at 250-500 Hz and found behavioral responses at 16 weeks g.a.–clearly seen via ultrasound (Shahidullah and Hepper, 1992). This is especially significant because reactive listening begins eight weeks before the ear is structurally complete at about 24 weeks.” Direct quote from David Chamberlain PHD: Birth Psychology – The Fetal Senses: A Classical View (1997)


** “In the cryprints of premature infants 5 months old, weighing only 900 grams, [researchers] found a correspondence to intonations, rhythms, and other speech performance features of the mother. This revolutionary discovery meant not only that the infants were hearing their mothers but had been taking language lessons. The unborn babies had already acquired some of their mothers’ personal accents and speech sounds.” A direct quote from David Chamberlain PHD: The Mind of Your New Born Baby, North Atlantic Books, California, 1998, p24.


Note: David Chamberlain PHD is regarded as a internationally renowned peri-natal specialist.


*** Viability will vary depending on country See – Mail Online The Tiniest Survivor 22/5/08


NOTE: Whilst foetus is simply Latin for ‘offspring’, we do not refer to a pregnant woman as gravida – which is Latin for ‘a pregnant woman’. Why? The word foetus, like the other phrases, such as “product of conception”, “a piece of tissue”, and similar, are euphemisms employed in a deliberate attempt to dehumanise the preborn.