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Speaker Paul Ryan Committed: Defund Planned Parenthood



In an interview today, Speaker Paul Ryan said he is committed to defunding the Planned Parenthood abortion business and wants to use the reconciliation method to make sure it becomes federal law. The interview comes as House Republicans held a unity meeting to review and rework legislation to repeal Obamacare as well as defund the nation’s largest abortion company.

Ryan said that Planned Parenthood funding should be addressed via budget reconciliation because “that gets it in the law.”

Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser told LifeNews.com agreed and called on Congress to immediately enact a new reconciliation bill that redirects taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood to community health care centers:

“We agree with Speaker Ryan that reconciliation is the best way to address taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business. Before Members of Congress leave town for spring break, they must enact a new budget reconciliation bill that redirects the abortion giant’s federal funding to community health centers. Regardless of health care, Congress has the votes to get this done. We urge all Republicans, including leadership, House Freedom Caucus, and the Tuesday Group to unify behind this plan, which would be a win for women’s health. Community health centers outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities by at least 20 to one and offer a full range of primary health care, unlike Planned Parenthood.”

As LifeNews.com reported, President Donald Trump made an offer to the Planned Parenthood abortion company that it would not only keep its funding but would increase its taxcpayer funding if it would stop killing babies in abortions and focus on legitimate non-abortion healthcare. But Planned Parenthood said no.

A recent survey found that community health centers not only provide more comprehensive health care than Planned Parenthood, excluding abortions, they also outnumber the abortion group’s facilities by 20 to one.