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All Lives Equal




Human Rights organisation, All Lives Equal, accuses White Ribbon Australia of blatant hypocrisy of the worst kind.

The heavily tax payer funded White Ribbon Australia wants to “end men’s violence against women and girls”, but at the same time supports the legalising of killing babies in the womb (known as ‘abortion’) – potentially up to birth – of which 50% are female.


Bearing in mind that many of the babies who survive the abortion – every year in Australia, are left painfully struggling, gasping for breath, until they die.


Yet this is what White Ribbon Australia supports when it states publicly: ‘Abortion should not be within the Qld criminal code’, ‘A woman’s right to choose is a fundamental human right’, and similar euphemistic rhetoric. See article White Ribbon Australia Reinstates Statement Backing Reproductive Rights On Website   and  Australian dioceses cut ties with White Ribbon for supporting national access to abortion


Those, like White Ribbon Australia, who try to avert our gaze from the brutal reality of abortion, and convince themselves and others that this practice belongs to a ‘woman’s right to choose’, are deluding themselves. Especially when, in the same breath, they go on about men being violent toward women. Ha! What hypocrites!


It is a vile assumption to presume that the ‘right to choose is a fundamental human right’, when it not only condones the killing of babies in the womb, but also condones leaving them to die after they are brought out prematurely.


This is the deplorable truth of abortion. And this alone tells us it belongs to no civilised society.


The idea of bringing in legislation to remove abortion from the criminal code, as White Ribbon Australia wants, is brutal and callous. It would effectively remove all rights from all babies in the womb – no matter their age. That is, the right for each of these children to be valued, loved, and protected from being violently killed.


Again, this is White Ribbon Australia’s hypocrisy. Particularly, when half of these children aborted are female; ironically, the very sex they want males to stand up for.


The fact is, ultrasound technology, along with the 3D and 4D imaging, has been showing whether the child in utero is a ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ for a long time now, not to mention the child's humanity. To deny this is absurd.








IF CIGARETTE packets can warn us that SMOKING HARMS UNBORN BABIES, why doesn’t White Ribbon Australia warn us what abortion does to unborn babies?



IF CIGARETTE PACKETS can tell us that ‘during pregnancy’ there is a ‘growing baby’, why doesn’t White Ribbon Australia stop supporting violence against these growing babies?


Moreover, why won’t White Ribbon Australia stand up and protect these babies - after all, half are female?