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All Lives Equal




There is an exhibition which opened in Sydney’s Moore Park’s Byron Kennedy Hall on the 14th April, named ‘Real Bodies: The Exhibition’. The exhibition contains 20 human bodies and around 200 body parts, which have gone through a process called ‘plastination’ to preserve them indefinitely.

However, while Dalian Medical University Biology Plantation in China, who supplied the corpses and body parts for the exhibition, insist the entire thing is above board, we should be asking the obvious, “Well, verify it then.”

Yet this is something that they have not done, not just in Australia, but around the world. They simply insist that the corpses have died from “natural causes” and have been willingly provided by the Chinese police authority.

Surely there are concerns when the ‘plastination’ factory is situated close to three Chinese prison camps, which are home to political detainees and members of the banned Falun Gong movement and Christian home churches, as well as Tibetans.

Are we so naïve? Or is it because we want to look the other way? Because the facts are:

• The lack of transparency surrounding executions and the treatment of prisoners in China makes it nearly impossible to determine the validity of any claims that the bodies received from the Chinese police died of “natural causes”.

• It is also nearly impossible to determine the validity of any consent forms provided by those who buy and sell the human bodies and body parts that comprise of the ‘Real Bodies: The Exhibition’.

• Those faced with imminent execution in Chinese prisons are not necessarily in a position to provide free and informed consent as to whether or not they want their organs extracted or their bodies turned into plastic.

Imagine Exhibitions who have brought ‘Real Bodies: The Exhibition’ to Sydney, need to have provided all documentations, including death certificates (stating the person’s name and cause of death) and consent of each deceased person being exhibited. This is the law in entering Australia with deceased persons, whether for the purpose of science or art.

The ‘Real Bodies: The Exhibition’ is a monstrous evil. Not to give dignity and respect to all human beings whether alive or dead is sacrilegious. Has humanity steeped so low as to flaunt human depravity on such a large scale? God forgive us for allowing this exhibit to come into our shores!

* Top image: Plastinated corpse of pregnant woman with unborn baby