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Zuckerberg Knows Facebook Shouldn’t Censor Pro-Life Views



Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress yesterday and said that Facebook shouldn’t censor pro-life views. However the social media giant is censoring them anyway.

LifeNews.com has seen repeated attempts to censor our pro-life message or the pro-life messages of other organizations. We have had problems with certain posts being blocked on Facebook, and Facebook has denied LifeNews the ability to promote certain posts with content that it deems unacceptable.

But in an exchange with pro-life Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse yesterday,Zuckerberg claimed that Facebook should not be censoring pro-life use even though abortion issues are controversial.

“I am worried about the psychological categories,” Sasse clarified. “You used language of safety and protection earlier. We have seen this happen on college campuses. It’s dangerous. Forty percent of Americans under age 35 tell pollsters they think the First Amendement is dangerous because you might use your freedom to say something that hurts somebody else’s feelings.”

“There are some passionately held views about the abortion issue on this panel,” Sasse continued. “Can you imagine a world where you might decide that pro-lifers are prohibited from speaking about their abortion views on your platform?”

“I certainly would not want that to be the case,” Zuckerberg told Sasse.

“It might really be unsettling to people who’ve had an abortion to have an open debate about that, wouldn’t it?” Sasse asked.

“It might be,” Zuckerberg replied, “but I don’t think that that would fit any of the definitions of what we have but I do generally agree with the point that you’re making which is as we’re able to technologically shift especially towards having AI proactively look at content, I think that’s going to create massive questions for society about what obligations we want to require companies to fulfill.”