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Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards’ Salary Has Gone Up a Whopping 265% to Almost $1 Million

It must be nice to be untouchable by mainstream media. You can lie through those shiny white teeth and mainstream media will treat every rehearsed and distorted word like truth. In an age when liberal news media shows its disdain for corporate America (unless those corporations are touting their hypocritical, pro-LGBT, public potty policies), leftie journalists can’t show enough love for abortion mogul Cecile Richards. She has “privilege”. Liberals call it “white privilege”. It’s their racist way of blaming white people for nearly every social injustice under the ...

Australia pledges $9.5 million to International Planned Parenthood after Trump defunded it

Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced this week that the government would send $9.5 million to support the overseas operations of abortion giant Planned Parenthood. "Today I announce the Australian government will continue our partnership with the International Planned Parenthood Federation to deliver the Sexual and Reproductive Health Program in Crisis and Post Crisis Settings (SPRINT) in the Indo-Pacific region, " Bishop said. “The government will provide $9.5 million over three years to the SPRINT program to strengthen sexual and reproductive health, rights and support during humanitarian crises. ...

Bill Gates Slams Trump Executive Order to Defund International Planned Parenthood

The majority of Americans were excited what President Donald Trump signed an executive order to defund the International Planned Parenthood abortion business. But long time abortion activist Bill Gates of Microsoft fame was not among them. Ironically, Gates says the executive order endangers the lives of millions of women and children. Never mind that millions of unborn baby boys and girls are killed in abortions worldwide and millions more women are injured and even killed by legal abortion procedures. The Executive Memorandum to reinstate the Mexico ...


In a surprising move, the Queensland Parliament today came a step closer towards introducing the world’s most dangerous and radical abortion legislation. Australian Christian Lobby Queensland Director, Wendy Francis, said the Parliament made a technical, procedural vote that combined two separate pieces of abortion legislation into one, providing a massive threat to the unborn and to women’s health. “If passed, this extreme abortion bill from Cairns Independent MP Rob Pyne will remove all safeguards currently in place to protect women from coercion and dangerous practices, ” ...

France bans positive Down syndrome video because it may ‘disturb’ post-abortive women

LIVE ACTION NEWS — For World Down Syndrome Day in 2014, Italian Down syndrome advocacy organization CoorDown released a video titled Dear Future Mom.” The video was created in response to a frightened pregnant woman who had just received a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis: “Dear Future Mom” has received international acclaim. It has been seen by millions of viewers around the world, and the theme of the video is “everyone has a right to be happy.” But it seems this message is considered offensive in France — so offensive, ...


Human Rights organisation, All Lives Equal, accuses White Ribbon Australia of blatant hypocrisy of the worst kind. The heavily tax payer funded White Ribbon Australia wants to “end men’s violence against women and girls”, but at the same time supports the legalising of killing babies in the womb (known as ‘abortion’) – potentially up to birth – of which 50% are female.   Bearing in mind that many of the babies who survive the abortion – every year in Australia, are left painfully ...


Question: What's the definition of 'Irony'?   Answer: An organisation like White Ribbon (Australia) supporting abortion while preaching 'Stop the violence against women' and while raking in millions of dollars from tax payers monies and benign fund raising events.   Surely those in White Ribbon have done the math, because 50% of those babies killed by abortion are, wait for it, F - E - M - A - L - E: FEMALE.       Oh, can't you hear White Ribbon's reply to such an idea. "Female? They're ...

Report: Family in China hides to escape forced abortion of third child

In an email this week, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers president Reggie Littlejohn stated that the BBC went undercover in China on the one year anniversary of the ‘relaxing’ of China’s One-Child Policy to find out if forced abortion is still a threat for families illegally pregnant with a third child. The BBC’s report details the fact that despite the Chinese government’s decision to ‘relax’ its One-Child Policy into a Two-Child Policy, forced abortion is still very much a part of the country’s ‘family planning’ efforts. Littlejohn reports that ...

Born at 25 Weeks Little Coeli Beat the Odds. Her Parents Refused to Let Her Die

Little Coeli Zielinski weighed less than 2 pounds when she was born almost 15 weeks early. Doctors predicted that she had a 50-50 chance of surviving and more than likely would have disabilities. But the little Oregon girl defied the odds, and now is a happy, healthy 3-year-old child. She also has become a familiar face in the fight against late-term abortions in Oregon. Live Action News reports when Merissa Zielinski was 25 weeks pregnant with Coeli, she began to bleed. Her husband, Brian, rushed ...

Leaked Email: Hillary Clinton Will be More Pro-Abortion Than Obama, Will Force Christians to Fund A

More emails released by WikiLeaks concerning the email account of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta reveal that Hillary Clinton would be even more of an abortion advocate than President Barack Obama. The new email released today has a top adviser to Hillary Clinton talking about her intimate discussions with top officials from the Planned Parenthood abortion businesses and its attempt to dismantle the Helms Amendment, which prohibits forcing taxpayers to fund abortions in other countries. The email makes it clear that the Obama Administration was ...

Abortion Biz CEO Justifies Abortion: “Abortion Kills a Being That Has No Sense of Life or Death”

In some ways, British abortion advocate Ann Furedi is more honest than many in her movement. Furedi, the CEO of the abortion chain British Pregnancy Advisory Services, admits that “abortion may be an act of killing – but it kills a being that has no sense of life or death, and no awareness of itself as distinct from others.” She also says she does not shy away from telling women the truth at her abortion facilities, according to the Irish Times’ review of Furedi’s new book. ...

Miracle Baby Was Born Twice: Removed From the Womb to Correct Tumor Then Returned

Modern medical technology is doing wonderful things to help save babies’ lives before they are born. Recently, doctors in Texas saved an unborn baby girl from a life-threatening tumor by performing surgery on her while she was still in the womb. CNN reports Margaret Boemer of Plano, Texas discovered something was wrong with her unborn daughter during her 16-week pregnancy scan. “They saw something on the scan, and the doctor came in and told us that there was something ...

FALSE: Hillary Clinton Claimed China “Used” to Force Women to Have Abortions. It Still Does

United States 19/10/2016   At last night’s presidential debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton made clear where they stand on abortion. Clinton reiterated her support for legalized abortion through all nine months, including partial-birth abortions, while Trump promised to appoint pro-life judges to the U.S. Supreme Court. In responding to a question about late-term abortions, some may have noticed that Clinton, a pro-abortion Democrat, briefly mentioned the problem of forced abortions in China. This is what Clinton said: “You know, I’ve had a ...

This Country Will Soon Let Women Pregnant With Twins Abort Their “Extra” Babies, Even if Healthy

Norway may become the next “abortion tourism” spot for women who are carrying twins. This week, the Norwegian Ministry of Health ruled that foreign women pregnant with twins or greater multiples can come to the country to selectively abort unborn babies — even if the baby is perfectly healthy, according to The Local, a Norwegian news outlet. Officials expect the ruling will prompt more women from Sweden and Denmark, where such abortions are restricted, to travel to Norway for abortions, according to the report. Abortions are ...

Friend of Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger Ran a Concentration Camp Killing Blacks

For the past 100 years, Planned Parenthood has centered its work around one hugely flawed, unspoken belief that not all human beings are equal. It began with the group’s founder, Margaret Sanger, a eugenicist who promoted sterilization and birth control to “weed out” human beings who the eugenics movement deemed “unfit.” Today, Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the U.S., killing approximately 320, 000 unborn human lives every year. As Planned Parenthood celebrates its 100th birthday on Sunday, pro-lifers are responding with reminders about the abortion chain’s roots ...

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