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There are many ways of fundraising. First of all, though, it is focusing on the objective: protecting babies and mothers from the violence of abortion. To do this takes time, money and effort, as well as people willing to help.

Here are some ideas of how fundraising money can be used:


1. Billboards.  Billboards are expensive but they reach a lot of people and can have a good impact. The message needs to be simple to be effective.


2. Flyers. These are generally inexpensive. For example, DL flyers (third of A4) cost under $300 for 10,000. The greater the quantity the cheaper the flyers. While these take time letter boxing and/or handing out individually, they are very effective with getting a message out creatively and creates much discussion.


3. Adverts.Advertising in local papers or on radio.  Can be rather expensive, especially radio adverts, but a great way to get a message out.


4. Supporting pregnant mums. By giving to pregnant mothers yourself or, alternatively, organisations that help pregnant mothers directly, such as Pregnancy Help SA, you know that the money you raised is assisting mothers and their babies (unborn and born) without going towards expensive organisational costs.