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Former Abortionists Speak


Below are revealing statements made by a number of former abortionists. These people are now pro-life. They regret their involvement with abortion so much that they are now speaking publicly to warn people about what goes on before, during and after abortions.


1. Former abortionist Anthony Levatino MD (pictured left) performed hundreds of abortions for eight years as part of his Albany, New York practice, performing dilatation and evacuation in late-term abortions. “In a D & E abortion, you are pulling out pieces of unborn children.”

From the outset, Levatino was vaguely troubled by the work, but continued to do it for the money. “It’s highly profitable. I could do three abortions in my office, in an hour and a half, and make more than caring for a woman nine months and delivering her baby.”

It took a personal tragedy to prompt a change of heart. While he was doing abortions as a resident, he and his wife were trying desperately to have a child. “There I was throwing kids in the garbage, five or six a week. Just give me one, I thought.”

Eventually, they adopted a child. Several years later, their daughter was killed by a car in front of their home. The girl died in Levatino’s arms. “If you lose a child, you look at things differently. What was once uncomfortable becomes intolerable. You feel that you’re destroying a human being for money, like a paid assassin.” At that point, he could no longer do abortions.

Levatino now speaks out against abortion, ”I want the general public to know that the doctors know that this is a person, this is a baby. That this is not some kind of blob of tissue . . .”

Below, Dr. Anthony Levatino describes one type of abortion “procedure” that he had performed often:


[Note: In Australia, approx 8-10% of all abortions happen after 13 weeks (ie around 8,000 a year). Most of these are done by the D & E (Dilation/Dilitation and Evacuation) method.]

“Imagine for a moment that you are a “pro-choice” obstetrician-gynecologist as I once was. Your patient today is seventeen years old and she is twenty weeks pregnant. At twenty weeks, her uterus is up to her umbilicus and she has been feeling her baby kick for the last two weeks. If you could see her baby, she would be as long as your hand from the top of her head to the bottom of her rump not counting the legs. Your patient is now asleep on an operating room table with her legs in stirrups. Upon entering the room after scrubbing, you dry your hands with a sterile towel and are gowned and gloved by the scrub nurse.


"The first task is remove the laminaria that had earlier been placed in the cervix to dilate it sufficiently to allow the procedure you are about to perform. With that accomplished, direct your attention to the surgical instruments arranged on a small table to your right. The first instrument you reach for is a 14-French suction catheter. It is clear plastic and about nine inches long. It has a bore through the center approximately 3/4 of an inch in diameter. Picture yourself introducing the catheter through the cervix and instructing the circulating nurse to turn on the suction machine which is connected through clear plastic tubing to the catheter. What you will see is a pale yellow fluid the looks a lot like urine coming through the catheter into a glass bottle on the suction machine. This amniotic fluid surrounded the baby to protect her.

"With suction complete, look for your Sopher clamp. This instrument is about thirteen inches long and made of stainless steel. At one end are located jaws about 2 inches long and about an an inch wide with rows of sharp ridges or teeth. This instrument is for grasping and crushing tissue. When it gets hold of something, it does not let go.

A second trimester D&E abortion is a blind procedure. The baby can be in any orientation or position inside the uterus. Picture yourself reaching in with the Sopher clamp and grasping anything you can. At twenty weeks gestation, the uterus is thin and soft so be careful not to perforate or puncture the walls. Once you have grasped something inside, squeeze on the clamp to set the jaws and pull hard – really hard. You feel something let go and out pops a fully formed leg about 4 to 5 inches long. Reach in again and grasp whatever you can. Set the jaw and pull really hard once again and out pops an arm about the same length. Reach in again and again with that clamp and tear out the spine, intestines, heart and lungs.

The toughest part of a D&E abortion is extracting the baby’s head. The head of a baby that age is about the size of a plum and is now free floating inside the uterine cavity. You can be pretty sure you have hold of it if the Sopher clamp is spread about as far as your fingers will allow. You will know you have it right when you crush down on the clamp and see a pure white gelatinous material issue from the cervix. That was the baby’s brains. You can then extract the skull pieces. If you have a really bad day like I often did, a little face may come out and stare back at you.”

"Congratulations! You have just successfully performed a Suction D&E abortion. You just affirmed her right to choose. You just made $600 cash in fifteen minutes." 1


To watch full interview with Dr Anthony Levatino click  HERE




2. Former abortionist Joseph Randall MD of Atlanta United States had a different experience. Randall, the operator of a clinic, estimates he performed 32,000 abortions. Like Levatino, he used the D & E procedure. After the operation, Randall recalls:

“You have to reassemble that baby — arms, legs, head, chest — everything [to be sure no pieces remain in the mother]. That’s when it got rough, even for old-timers like me. ... When you looked at an ultrasound, there was no mistaking that this was a baby. ... The picture of the baby on the ultrasound bothered me more than anything else. The staff couldn’t take it. Women who were having abortions were never allowed to see the ultrasound.”





3. Former abortionist Bernard N Nathanson MD was once a pioneer and a leader in the “abortion industry.” Dr Nathanson presided over 60,000 abortions before undergoing a radical transformation.After realizing how wrong he was about abortion – not only did Dr Nathanson quit the abortion business but now admits that abortion is murder, as he speaks around the world against abortion.






4. Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson.  Johnson was an employee of the year in 2008 when she was the director of a Planned Parenthood abortion business in southeast Texas. But in October 2009, after seeing an ultrasound of a 13 week unborn baby fighting for her life, Johnson had a conversion “of the heart” and walked away from her job. Now she has joined the pro life effort to stop abortion.


Johnson has recently written a book titled Unplanned , which was released in January 2011. In the book she sheds light on the workings of Planned Parenthood as well as her own moving conversion experience. As Johnson says, after witnessing an abortion on an ultrasound:  

“I couldn’t shake an inner disquiet that was quickly mounting to horror as I watched the screen. The next movement was the sudden jerk of a tiny foot as the baby started kicking, as if it were trying to move away from the probing invader.


As the cannula* pressed its side, the baby began struggling to turn and twist away. It seemed clear to me that it could feel the cannula, and it did not like what it was feeling. … it hit me like a lightning bolt … What was in this woman’s womb just a moment ago was alive. It wasn’t just tissue, just cells. It was a human baby. And it was fighting for its life! A battle it lost in the blink of an eye. What I have told people for years, what I’ve believed and taught and defended, is a lie.”



Unplanned has already made Amazon.com’s bestseller books list, and it will help to expose the ugliness of abortion and what it does to unborn babies.


Play You Tube > Former Planned Parenthood Director Speaks Out.


* A ‘cannula’ is a plastic tube. This is connected to a high powered suction pump which is used to suck the baby out in pieces from his or her mother’s womb.



5. Former Abortion Clinic Owner Carol Everett operated two clinics in Dallas, from 1977 to 1983. Although not a health professional, she also assisted in the procedures, holding the women’s abdomen, to mark the position of the child’s head and buttocks for the abortionist. Says Everett, “I could feel the babies fighting, struggling to escape the forceps.”

She maintains gross malpractice occurs at many clinics, which the medical establishment usually succeeds in covering up:


“We were maiming or killing one woman in every 500. ... A beauty of 21 [young woman] came into the operating room. I’ll never forget. My left hand held the baby in place. First the doctor pulled out the placenta, then her bowel. She had to have a colostomy.”


Consumed by guilt, Everett finally sold her lucrative business, contributing most of the proceeds to the right-to-life movement, which she continues to support by maintaining a heavy speaking schedule.













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