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All Lives Equal

Born Alive Left To Die


Can you imagine not giving babies their basic human rights, no matter how they entered our world? Well, it is happening. In hospitals and abortion clinics around Australia babies are surviving abortions and then left to die or – in some cases, killed.



With live births occurring in many of our abortion units as a result of failed abortions, it is difficult to comprehend the numbers of babies around the country that are left fighting for their lives.


It was previously believed “live births” were rare occurrences; limited to one or two cases a year. But they are not.

In Victoria it is not uncommon for there to be over 50 babies who survive abortion each year and then are left to die or out rightly killed.


In Queensland in 2015, 27 babies, survived abortion and then were left to die. (Read article)

There were 54 babies in 2007. 2  In South Australia approximately 7 aborted babies are ‘born alive’ each year, although some years it has been much higher, such as 14 babies in 2001 and 13 babies in 2004. 3  Note: After these figures were made public in 2010, the South Australian Health Department has refused to release numbers for proceeding years.  

But how many cases go unreported and what about other states?


Although babies born alive after abortion are entitled to medical care, because they are so unwanted and unloved by their mothers (and fathers), abortion staff make certain they do not survive.

How long do these babies live for? And what is done with their bodies? 


This image is the result of 20 minutes work for one ‘doctor’.

Whilst abortion clinic staff are extremely reluctant to reveal this type of information to the public. According to a number of former clinic workers, we do know these babies can survive up to an hour or even longer.


Once the baby has died, the general procedure is to discard their bodies into a medical waste bin.

But sometimes, these babies don’t die quick enough. For example, in October 2010, it was reported that a trainee nurse was deeply traumatised when she was told to drop a surviving aborted baby into a bucket of formaldehyde. 4

So, just picture it: a baby goes through the violent delivery of a prostaglandin abortion (the contractions of which are stronger than normal labour). He’s gasping for breath. He cries. He is quickly dumped into a pan or on a table in a corner … and left to die; or, if this is too inconvenient, drowned in a liquid chemical. Finally, his little limp body is then disposed of in a bin.

Do proponents of legalised abortion ever reveal these occurrences or the rest of the reality of abortion? No.

Proponents of legalised abortion always bring the discussion back to the woman. They argue, women should have complete control over their bodies; their ‘reproductive rights’.




When the general public pictured the foetus as a blob, that slogan made sense, and so they didn’t mind championing women as the underdog in the debate. But the more we have come to realise that the unborn are indeed human, and that it is the unborn who are paying the price of this “my body, my right” ideology, the more we will want to see protection for the unborn.




Gianna Jessen, who survived being aborted (pictured left), made the following comment:

“If abortion is about women’s rights, then what were my rights?No decision is solely yours to make. All decisions affect another human being – whether it is for good or for ill. If people are going to talk about abortion, then it’s important for them to know that these babies can be born alive and survive.”

Watch Gianna's inspiring message at Parliament House, Victoria on 8/9/2008:
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Part 1
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Part 2


Australians are all about fairness. Yet, there is something intrinsically unfair about being able to kill another human being for any reason whatsoever, no matter his size, and then not come to his rescue when he survives the attempt.

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