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Amazing Grace Forgiveness


The wound that abortion leaves behind is so profound and so painful that it goes deep into the very soul of a woman. The reality is, after all the soul searching and counselling, a woman can not forgive herself for what she has done unless she knows she is truly forgiven.


But who has the authority to forgive her, to forgive any of us, when we have committed abortion or any other sin? For those who have had an abortion (or performed an abortion, worked in an abortion clinic or encouraged a woman to have one), there is only one path to true restoration. It is not in forgiving yourself – something for which you have no authority to do, it is only in receiving the forgiveness of God.


The following was written by Denise Mountenay from Canada. Having had an abortion, Denise shares her experience and understanding of healing through Jesus Christ.

Silent No More

Forgiveness … My favourite song is Amazing Grace! You may want to get the scriptures on forgiveness … like YES, the first thing is that we must ADMIT we have sinned…many people are in denial or try to justify their sins…we deny it wasn’t really a baby, or try to justify the abortion with reasoning … but in the end, there is no justification for the shedding of innocent blood.


The second thing is to CONFESS our sins, even the sin of abortion or our part in it.


Thirdly, we must know that God loves us so much, that He sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross, to pay the penalty of our sins, even the sin of abortion …


This is the Good News! His mercy endures forever. The Bible says that if we are to confess our faults with one another, and that if we confess our sins, and then ASK God to forgive us, those sins are as far away as the east is from the west! (You can search these references, ok?) We must repent. Feel sorrow for our sins, and change.


Denise Mountenay 

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However, most post abortive women find it very difficult to forgive ourselves. How could we have done this, allowed this to happen. How could we have been so deceived, so fearful to have our babies killed?


We feel unworthy to ever be a mother, and often turn to alcohol and other drugs to ease the pain, shame and guilt…but you must know that there is hope and healing through the power of the Blood of Jesus, and casting all of our cares on the Lord.


It is also good to ask our aborted children to forgive us, and to forgive all those who were involved in the abortion, the lies, the pressure…Jesus said, we must forgive those who have offended us, so that He will forgive us for all of our sins.

It is important for post abortive women to have a memorial service for their aborted baby or babies…and ask the Lord for a name for them.


We must forgive ourselves … look at some Biblical examples of how God took sinful people and turned their lives around for good…Moses killed the Egyptian, yet God used him mightily to deliver the Israelites out of the bondage of Egypt. David committed adultery, then had Bethsheba’s husband killed. God used David who wrote all of the book of Psalms and won many battles for the Kingdom of God. …


Then we have Saul who went about putting Christians in prisons and having them killed, but God touched him, he repented and became one of the greatest apostles ever in the Kingdom of God. So there is hope, healing and taking what Satan meant for evil to devastate us and kill our children…and turn it around for good.

Finally, it is knowing that Jesus Christ took our shame and guilt on the cross, and we can overcome evil with good. Our Father God wants us to become a strong voice for the voiceless, for our children so they did not die in vain. …We are standing on Revelation 12:11 “We defeat Satan by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony…” We must warn others about the evil and damage of legal abortion on our bodies, minds and spirit. We must expose the lies, and proclaim the truth that abortion is the greatest crime against humanity in our generation.


We must reach out to the millions of women and men and people crushed by the pain of abortion with hope and ministry. …And Ezekiel 3 and 33 says that we must warn the wicked of their wickedness or the blood is on our hands. May we not be silent any more. God wants HIS people to multiply and be fruitful and subdue the earth for the Kingdom of God. Satan is out to kill, steal and destroy. Abortion is not a black and white issue…it is blood red. We want to change hearts, minds, laws and history for such a time as this!

Denise Mountenay
Canada Silent No More

Used with permission