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Advocacy For Immigrants


Are you Pregnant and on a Student Visa or Working Visa?

Did you know?

Immigrant women in Australia, either under a student or working visa, do not have access to the Australian health care system through Medicare Australia, which provides a Medicare Card.

Many immigrant women on either a student visa or working visa do not have Health Insurance or have allowed it to lapse.

If you don’t know where to go for support, please call the following phone number 0403760200

As a student you can still complete your study.

It is easier for us to find out what help you need if you are able to answer the following questions:

Is your Visa current?

Do you have health insurance?

Does your health insurance policy cover some or all related costs of your pregnancy, including delivery of your baby?

If you are unable or unsure of any of the above questions, phone the number below.

For immigrant women who are not covered or partially covered by a health care provider, help and support services are also available for you.

Advocacy for Immigrants phone: 0403760200
Read the following website for more information: Pregnancy Help SA