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Adoption in Australia



The truth is that there are many women who are unsure of their pregnancy regardless of their age, marital status or educational background. Pregnancy is a time when the emotions are intense and if time, money or lack of help is also a concern, the emotions can often be overwhelming.


The good news is that there are so many couples all over Australia that would love to have a baby of their own, but can not due to infertility (1 in 6 couples can't have children). [1]


They are desperately waiting for someone – a person who is wanting to give a baby life, and share that baby with them. (There are as little as 70 internal adoptions per year) in Australia.) [2]


If you are pregnant and can not care for your child, regardless of the reason, adoption may be the right option for you. There is no cost to you and you can give a child life.

State adoption laws
Each State and Territory has its own legislation governing adoption matters:

NSW: Adoption - http://www.community.nsw.gov.au/parents,-carers-and-families/fostering,-guardianship-and-adoption/adoption/want-to-adopt
NT: Adoption -https://nt.gov.au/community/child-protection-and-care/adoption/adopting-a-child-from-the-nt
QLD: Adoption - https://www.qld.gov.au/community/caring-child/adopting-child-queensland/
SA: Adoption - https://www.childprotection.sa.gov.au/adoption
TAS: Adoption - http://www.dhhs.tas.gov.au/children/adoption
VIC: Adoption - http://www.dhs.vic.gov.au/for-individuals/children,-families-and-young-people/adoption-and-permanent-care/adoption-in-victoria

WA: Adoption - http://www.familycourt.wa.gov.au/A/adoptions.aspx?uid=2091-1909-3665-7673



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